Crafthouse ‘Taps’ CCL Container to Introduce Single-Serve Option for it’s Award-Winning Cocktail Collection


Crafthouse Bottles

Featured in Forbes, People, Vogue, and more recently the Today Show, the award-winning Crafthouse brand delivers the quality of consumers’ favorite “from-scratch” cocktails using all-natural ingredients and high quality small-batch craft spirits. Initially packaged in a multi-serve glass bottle with a swing-top stopper for a closure, Crafthouse is extending its consumer reach with the introduction of a single serve variety marketed in aluminum beverage bottles produced by CCL Container. The 45mm diameter, 157mm high seamless aluminum beverage bottles hold approximately 6.75 ounces. The seven-product lineup uses differentiating colors against a white backdrop to distinguish each of the creative cocktail offerings.


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Cannabis-based Beverage Seeks to Stand Out with Unique Aluminum Bottle Design by CCL Container

Cannabis Beverage Packaging - CCL Container

Projected to be one of the fastest-growing sub-segments of this dynamic industry, cannabis-based beverages are expected to grow by 19% over the next several years. Cormorant Brands seeks to stand out in what will likely become a crowded field with a line of cannabis tonics coming to market in uniquely contoured seamless aluminum beverage bottles manufactured by CCL Container. The cannabis drink containers are 53mm in diameter and 155mm high and feature a lug sleeve cap for reseal-ability, plus a gradually tapered shoulder for a highly distinctive and stylized silhouette. Currently available in Blue Tonic and Cherry Lime in 10 or 100 mg THC, additional flavors in the works include: Grapefruit, Cranberry, Bitter Lemon and Ginger Lime.

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CCL Container Introduces Eco-Friendly Reusable Aluminum Beverage Cup

Recyclable and Reusable: CCL Container’s New Aluminum Beverage Cup Appeals to Both Brands and Consumers.

(Hermitage, PA – March 2021) CCL Container, North America’s leading manufacturer of recyclable aluminum packaging, is expanding its eco-friendly product line to include a sustainable aluminum beverage cup. Dubbed “ReCup” for its “recyclable, refillable and reusable” properties, the cup is manufactured entirely from virgin aluminum, giving it valuable recycling potential.

“We are extremely excited to introduce the ReCup,” states Kimberly Kizer, Vice President of Sales for CCL Container. “As we near the end of the pandemic, we are seeing a returning focus on sustainability best practices, among both consumer brands and their retail partners. Package options that reduce landfill waste or eliminate one-time, throw-away packaging, are returning to the spotlight. Go to any gym, and you’ll see that most patrons have traded plastic throw-away bottles for refillable, reusable containers.”

The ReCup resonates with consumer brands and retailers that are intent on offering durable yet fully sustainable products and packaging solutions to customers. Produced by an impact extrusion process, the ReCup is a one-piece, seamless aluminum construction featuring a rim at the top (to which a variety of lid styles can be secured) and a mid-point contour that enhances grip-ability. The cups measure 59 mm in diameter by 155 mm in height and holds approximately 14 fluid ounces and can provide cups of all sizes.

Rustproof and water-resistant, the cups are ideal for consumers looking for an on-the-go sustainable beverage container for commuting, camping, sporting events, workouts, and travel. ReCups are also lightweight and stackable, saving space and reducing shipping costs for brands, while enabling easy portability for consumers, such as families, who may want to stack and travel with multiple containers.

CCL Container brings a broad array of decorating options to the ReCup container, enabling marketers to customize the package for various initiatives, including special marketing campaigns, promotions, or other brand-enhancing opportunities. Advanced lithography and decorating capabilities include top-to-bottom full wraparound graphics in up to eight colors, with process colors, metallics, neon, specialty surface treatments, textures and embossing.

“Similar to the consumer buying shift in which reusable aluminum drinking straws are replacing plastic, today’s consumers are seeking recyclable alternatives to plastic and other disposable cups that can’t be reused,” notes Kizer. “The ReCup creates an opportunity for brands to enhance their image with high-quality, visually appealing containers that also demonstrate their commitment to sustainability, while giving consumers the eco-friendly products that they increasingly want.”

Revelshine Wine Trio Debuts in “Unbreakable, Infinitely Recyclable” Aluminum Bottles by CCL Contianer

Revelshine Bottles

The brainchild of fourth-generation winemaker and outdoor enthusiast, Jake Bilbro, Revelshine Wines are positioned as the solution to taking “wine where glass simply can’t go.” The answer comes in the form of a recyclable aluminum beverage bottle produced by CCL Container. The 59mm diameter bottle stands 252mm high and holds 16.9 ounces of wine, enough for approximately three servings. The design uses accent colors to signify the red, rose, and white varieties which are sold individually or in a grouping of three. Minimalist graphics allow the brushed aluminum surface to “shine” through, as product positioning emphasizes the aluminum package’s inherent attributes: lightweight, recyclable, and durable for the outdoor wine enthusiast.

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Doc Wylder’s Alcohol-Infused Lemonades to Debut in Aluminum Beverage Bottles by CCL Container

Doc Wylder's Alcohol-Infused Lemonades - Aluminum Beverage Bottles - CCL Container

CCL Container produced the aluminum beverage bottles for Doc Wylder’s Lemonades, which come in four varieties. All are packaged in 53mm diameter, 205mm high 12-ounce aluminum bottles with a resealable CT38 Outsert TB closure. Each flavor is identified on the package graphics with a vibrant distinguishing color set against a black and white design. A closure of matching color further differentiates the bourbon, vodka, vodka berry, and tequila infused lemonades. International distribution will begin later this year.

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