Doc Wylder’s Alcohol-Infused Lemonades to Debut in Aluminum Beverage Bottles by CCL Contianer

CCL Container produced the aluminum beverage bottles for Doc Wylder’s Lemonades, which come in four varieties. All are packaged in 53mm diameter, 205mm high 12-ounce aluminum bottles with a resealable CT38 Outsert TB closure. Each flavor is identified on the package graphics with a vibrant distinguishing color set against a black and white design. A closure of matching color further differentiates the bourbon, vodka, vodka berry, and tequila infused lemonades. International distribution will begin later this year.

To learn more about CCL Container’s recyclable aluminum beverage bottle manufacturing capabilities, Click Here:

CCL Container Delivers Aluminum Aerosol Packaging “Star Power” for Sexy Hair’s Marilyn Monroe Promotion

Classic black and white portraits of Hollywood icon printed on containers create breakthrough shelf presence, enhanced consumer appeal.

(Hermitage, PA – October 2015) When you’re launching a limited edition promotion that features one of Hollywood’s most famous actresses as it centerpiece, you look for a packaging partner who can deliver a “performance” that’s every bit as dynamic and unforgettable. For professional hair product company Sexy Hair, it simply meant calling their longtime partner CCL Container for help in developing a special series of containers for their Sexy Hair promotion featuring legendary movie icon Marilyn Monroe. Continue reading “CCL Container Delivers Aluminum Aerosol Packaging “Star Power” for Sexy Hair’s Marilyn Monroe Promotion”

CCL Provides Industry with BPA-free Options

CCL Container recently introduced delivery systems for food, beverage and pharmaceutical products made with BPA-free coatings in response to growing concerns regarding the long-term health effects of bisphenol A (BPA).

CCL first perfected the use of a BPA-free coating for non-food, personal care products, and continues to offer BPA-free options to packagers in the personal care category. CCL Container also offers several interior coatings that do contain trace amounts of BPA in their cured film, such as their epoxy-phenolic, epoxy beverage, and Micoflex coatings. Continue reading “CCL Provides Industry with BPA-free Options”

CCL Container Puts New Emphasis On Supply Chain Management Services

Hermitage, PA – CCL Container, North America’s leading manufacturer of recyclable aluminum packaging, is putting new emphasis on the competitive edge available to its customers by way of its highly evolved set of supply chain management services. The primary goal of the company’s suite of supply chain services is to shorten the supply chain time from customer forecasting through customer consumption, providing a faster, more efficient path to market. The services are available through the CCL Decorating Solutions Group Sales Department, under the direction of Ben Rubino, Global Vice President of Home and Personal Care for CCL. Continue reading “CCL Container Puts New Emphasis On Supply Chain Management Services”

Aluminum: The Light Weight Champion

There are lots of reasons why aluminum aerosol containers ‘knock out’ their competition.

Outstanding performance:

Long valued by marketers of a variety of products for their light weight, the market for aluminum containers is expanding — notably in the area of aerosol products. Worldwide, aluminum aerosol containers account for nearly half the market, beating out steel/tinplate. Companies in the health and beauty, pharmaceutical and food industries are increasingly drawn to aluminum’s “shape-ability”, ease of decoration, and elegant appearance and feel in the hand. Did you know that aluminum also has a greater pressure resistance than steel? Continue reading “Aluminum: The Light Weight Champion”

CCL Offers Debossing As Unique Competitive Edge for Aluminum Packagers

CCL Container, the leading producer of rigid aluminum packaging in North America, is now capable of providing its aluminum-packaging customers with another means of distinguishing their products from those of their competitors in the form of debossing an image into the container. Debossing is an inline process that is performed while the container is still in the cylindrical form.

According to John Bischoff, Research & Development Manager, debossing is done within CCL’s necking machines prior to the forming of a container’s shoulder. “Currently we can deboss two sides of a container,” says Bischoff, “within an area approximately 50mm from the bottom of the container.” Continue reading “CCL Offers Debossing As Unique Competitive Edge for Aluminum Packagers”

CCL: North America’s leading manufacturer of recyclable aluminum cans and bottles

Just about every company on earth is looking to go green. But most have a lot of catching up to do – especially when compared to companies like CCL Container. CCL is North America’s leading manufacturer of recyclable aluminum bottles and cans . And aluminum is 100% recyclable.

According to Charlie Herrmann, vice president of sales and marketing for CCL, aluminum is at the top of the recycling honor roll, with over two-thirds of all the aluminum ever produced still in use today. Continue reading “CCL: North America’s leading manufacturer of recyclable aluminum cans and bottles”