CCL Provides Industry with BPA-free Options

CCL Container recently introduced delivery systems for food, beverage and pharmaceutical products made with BPA-free coatings in response to growing concerns regarding the long-term health effects of bisphenol A (BPA).

CCL first perfected the use of a BPA-free coating for non-food, personal care products, and continues to offer BPA-free options to packagers in the personal care category. CCL Container also offers several interior coatings that do contain trace amounts of BPA in their cured film, such as their epoxy-phenolic, epoxy beverage, and Micoflex coatings. Continue reading “CCL Provides Industry with BPA-free Options”

CCL Container Puts New Emphasis On Supply Chain Management Services

Hermitage, PA – CCL Container, North America’s leading manufacturer of recyclable aluminum packaging, is putting new emphasis on the competitive edge available to its customers by way of its highly evolved set of supply chain management services. The primary goal of the company’s suite of supply chain services is to shorten the supply chain time from customer forecasting through customer consumption, providing a faster, more efficient path to market. The services are available through the CCL Decorating Solutions Group Sales Department, under the direction of Ben Rubino, Global Vice President of Home and Personal Care for CCL. Continue reading “CCL Container Puts New Emphasis On Supply Chain Management Services”