Hermitage, PA – CCL Container, North America’s leading manufacturer of recyclable aluminum packaging, is putting new emphasis on the competitive edge available to its customers by way of its highly evolved set of supply chain management services. The primary goal of the company’s suite of supply chain services is to shorten the supply chain time from customer forecasting through customer consumption, providing a faster, more efficient path to market. The services are available through the CCL Decorating Solutions Group Sales Department, under the direction of Ben Rubino, Global Vice President of Home and Personal Care for CCL.


According to Rubino, “We’re able to decrease costs and maximize efficiencies through every stage of production and distribution.” The specific supply chain management functions provided by CCL include: planning, replenishment, order entry, open orders, inventory management, on-time delivery, on-hand inventory control, and communications.

The department works collaboratively with CCL customers and key management personnel at CCL sites to identify opportunities to improve process efficiencies and customer communications, and reduce inventories. The department participates in the implementation and training of automatic, electronic, and web based tools, which greatly reduce time, mistakes and paper-based documentation, according to company officials. CCL EXPRESS is the web-based portal established for information sharing.

When asked to identify the critical measures of supply chain management success, Rubino, specifically pointed to: an increase in the percentage of orders delivered On-Time, In-Full (OTIF); a reduction in days-on-hand inventory; and the minimization of product obsolescence.

CCL Container has been a driving force in the production of aluminum packaging as an alternative to glass and plastic for almost a decade, and is responsible for many of the delivery systems and closure systems available to the industry today. CCL also offers the option of food-grade internal and external linings to protect product taste and purity.

A major advance in providing marketers with a competitive edge came with the company’s perfection of top-to-bottom shaping, bringing a new dimension to container aesthetics and ergonomics. New curves and contours complement the high-impact graphics made possible by the advanced inline printing systems at CCL, which have become one of the company’s recognized strengths industry wide.

However, according to Charlie Herrmann, vice president of sales and marketing for CCL Container, “We’re always looking to give our customers a competitive edge beyond product innovation. Our mission is to provide our customers with the correct quantity of the correct product, at the correct time, utilizing the least investment in inventory.”

The manufacturing facilities of CCL Container are located in Hermitage, PA, Penetang, ONT and in two locations within Mexico. All of its facilities are ISO 9002 Registered.