CCL Container recently introduced delivery systems for food, beverage and pharmaceutical products made with BPA-free coatings in response to growing concerns regarding the long-term health effects of bisphenol A (BPA).

CCL first perfected the use of a BPA-free coating for non-food, personal care products, and continues to offer BPA-free options to packagers in the personal care category. CCL Container also offers several interior coatings that do contain trace amounts of BPA in their cured film, such as their epoxy-phenolic, epoxy beverage, and Micoflex coatings.

The use of bisphenol A (BPA) coatings in polycarbonate containers and epoxy based food and beverage container coatings became a point of controversy after several studies linked bisphenol A (BPA) to an increased risk of cancer.

William Parish, CCL Container’s Technical Director, pointed out that BPA derived epoxy coatings have been used for food and beverage containers over the last 50 years. Said Parish, “The industry has become dependent upon BPA-derived coatings because container liners made with them perform so well in protecting the integrity of both the container and its contents. However, mounting safety concerns on the part of consumer organizations, and the fact that the FDA has yet to make a final determination regarding health risks associated with BPA-derived coatings, made it apparent to us at CCL that alternatives were called for.“

According to Charlie Herrmann, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for CCL Container, “Once we decided to extend our BPA-free line into the area of consumables and pharmaceuticals, we began to work closely with our coating suppliers. It took only several months for us to develop BPA-free coating technologies for our clients marketing these products.“

Even as leading companies like CCL develop and commercialize alternatives, the FDA has yet to take a firm stand in the debate over BPA-derived epoxy coatings. The agency is, however, calling for a robust, scientifically-based regulatory review, inviting input from all perspectives. The FDA is expected to take some action after processing the public and private comments it receives throughout 2009.

If you are interested in receiving samples of CCL’s BPA-free internal liner, contact William Parish at: 724-981-5444 x317 or email: