The Vitani® cocktail line was developed by Eric and Jackie Gichner when they noticed a gap in the premium beverage landscape. When frequenting their favorite bars and restaurants, Jackie’s go-to cocktail has always been a Dirty Martini. She rarely drank them at home, because she could never quite recreate that professional-grade taste or experience. After searching for at-home options, Eric and Jackie realized that nothing on the market existed for the true martini aficionado.

The Vitani line of premium cocktails was born and now includes four varieties: Dirty Martini, Elderpear Martini, Cosmo Martini, and the Vitani Mule. All are marketed in aluminum beverage bottles produced by CCL Container. Minimal graphics are used to fully depict the richness of the brushed aluminum surfaces, which lends to the upscale quality of the line. The sleek bullet-shaped containers are 53mm diameter and 155mm tall, holding 200ml, perfect for the standard-sized martini glass.

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