As inflation and high prices are forecast to remain high well into 2024 and beyond, current consumer trends will persist with some economists predicting these trends will become habits unless a dramatic shift in economic conditions occurs. Two key trends currently in play focus on brand preference and better value. Let’s examine them in that order.


Regardless of how high prices may go price, which is of paramount concern with today’s buyers, consumers are looking for quality and the perception of a brand in the equation is a key factor in establishing a position of competitive distinction. The traditional view that smaller packages are an indication of higher quality has been offset by rising costs. As consumers look to save money by purchasing products in larger sizes, brand plays an increasingly key role in offsetting the belief that smaller means higher quality.

In simple terms, bigger is better when the brand is perceived to be better, especially when the quality of its packaging reinforces and improves that positioning. Personal care products that benefit from this opportunity to upsize include personal care products like hairsprays and sunscreens. Household product sprays like cleaners, polishes, and air fresheners can also benefit just to name a few.

In certain consumer product sectors, the beverage industry for example, a switch to another packaging material may be all that’s needed to establish brand superiority, create differentiation, and drive consumer preference. This can be especially true in a beverage category like wines, where glass has traditionally been the accepted bottling material. Here, the move to a more sustainable, lightweight, and durable material like aluminum, which has an inherently upscale perception with consumers, delivers additional advantages, which include custom shaping and decorating options. The lighter weight also aids the brand owner in transportation and shipping costs.


Taking advantage of the value trend in consumer behavior can be accomplished by combining high-quality brand perception with the flipping of the “less is more” cliché on its head, metaphorically speaking. The “new” cliché? “More is less,” which simply means, more product for less cost is a greater value.

Sustainability and recyclability are also factors in the value equation. Package-to-product ratio favors larger sizes, a simple example being that one package with contents of two pounds consumes less resources than did two packages containing one pound each.

So, with “brand” and “value” buyer trends expected to continue, the challenge is to offer a product in a premium package material that’s large enough.

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