For STP, what began in 1954 as an abbreviation for Scientifically Treated Petroleum now stands for something else: Speed, Technology and Performance. Originally a highly regarded motor oil company serving the racing industry, STP has grown into the world’s leading brand of automotive aftermarket products geared toward improving and extending vehicle performance.

Among the company’s premier products is STP Ceramic, an advanced oil additive that increases lubrication between an engine’s metal parts, protecting against costly repairs.

STP needed an efficient, high-end packaging that matched its reputation while distinguishing the product from competitors at the point of sale. CCL Container delivered, designing an attractive, 100 percent recyclable aluminum bottle. The large diameter, 15-ounce container safely houses the product; a threaded lug sleeve ensures that the bottle’s lock-and-twist screw top closure securely seals. For consumers, aluminum’s lightweight and durable qualities make it easy to transport and store. CCL’s oil and fuel additive aluminum bottles are also water-resistant and rustproof, a plus for those who prefer to keep these products on hand for quick or on-the-road use.

CCL Container’s distinguishing design options for the automotive and industrial markets include advanced lithography and decorating arrays such as top-to-bottom and full wraparound graphics in up to eight colors, metallics and neons. Specialty surface treatments, textures and embossing capabilities also give brands a competitive edge. In this case, CCL’s concept featured rich graphics true to the brand’s racing and automotive legacy. The iconic red and white STP logo is prominently displayed, set against a shiny, two-toned metallic blue background that commands consumer attention. Look closely, and you will see that the design is further enhanced with subtle etchings of molecular models, representing STP’s commitment to technology and science. With its sleek design, CCL’s high-quality aluminum container is helping STP continue to lead the way in the automotive aftermarket products space.

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