As a reflection of the times, today’s design trends are a response to the chaos and uncertain state of the world. To take a break and escape, people are responding and relating to upbeat, positive, and fun packaging and decorating. Even as they look to find hope in the future, they are also finding comfort in familiar packaging designs.

The appearance of a product can play a key role in attracting consumers to it. For this reason, packaging of an aerosol product can hold as much importance as a marketing tool as the product itself. The challenge for the brand is to make the packaging sufficiently eye-catching to stand out in a way that customers will notice and choose to buy; again, and again. Whether you are launching a new aerosol product line or looking to re-energize your current brand’s image, there is no shortage of decorating options and opportunities available to “wow” customers.

Here are some of the trends you can take advantage of to better connect with your target audience through packaging:

It’s no secret. Flashier, brighter colors get attention. In 2023, strong, bold colors are trending in aerosol packaging design. They set aside the “safe” and provide smart look for getting your packaging noticed. Upbeat colors in bold, highly saturated, and bright hues, create confidence and a powerful impression with an energy and playfulness as we look to the future.

Wrap-around patterns use eye-pleasing and seamless patterns and lines to create curiosity and encourage people to reach for your product. These visual elements go beyond a small area of an aerosol package to encompass its entire surface. The consistent, fluid nature of this design style makes it stand out from more traditional design efforts.

There is a growing popularity for techniques that add texture to packaging. This tactile design trend grounds the consumer with its sense of touch. Textures that create a silky or velvet sensation are often used as a device to elevate the perceived value of the product.

Creating a unique texture can also be achieved through embossing and debossing, where the packaging is raised or depressed. When it comes to aerosol packaging, there is much to be said about how a package feels and special textures that appeal to the senses beyond just what someone sees.

’70s vintage style has emerged from hibernation and become fashionable again. Post-pandemic, its warm color schemes and comforting, wavy imagery is making an understandable comeback in home décor, fashion, and even trending in packaging design. The ’70s vintage aesthetic is recognizable by its earthy color schemes, especially in hues of oranges and browns. Graphically, it features “bubbly” serif fonts and thick, squiggly patterns.

Although not technically a design element, QR codes for aerosol packaging have experienced a resurgence because of the pandemic. QR codes are now trending as a key component of “smart packaging.” Creatively incorporated into a decorative scheme, they can be employed as a gateway for consumers to have a richer brand experience, including cooking recipes, playing games, entering contests, and much more.

From personal care to household products, and many more, aluminum aerosol containers are the ideal “blank canvas” for these design trends as well as whatever design trends come along in the future. Aluminum containers can be shaped and decorated 360 degrees from top to bottom to make your brand an amazing trend setter. When you factor in aluminum’s light weight, sustainable qualities, and 100% recyclability, it is always on trend.

Why follow the trends with your packaging when you can create the next one? Let’s talk about the ideal size, shape, decorating, and lining options for your product’s aluminum container, contact us today!