Consumer buying decisions are based on many factors; among these are product quality, convenience, cost and sustainability. With so many brands and products available in certain markets, many companies struggle to gain ­– or simply maintain – market share.

CCL Container is helping brands in several industries succeed in this challenging environment by offering exclusive, supersized packaging that many consumers want. Among the markets CCL Container serves in this capacity are automotive, home and garden, industrial and personal care.  Measuring up to 76 mm in diameter by 265 mm in height, CCL’s large-diameter aluminum containers are the only ones of this size produced in North America. This large size, coupled with stunning shaping and decorating options, ensures that all products – whether ­an automotive fuel additive, insect repellent or hairspray – make a big impression on consumers at the point of sale.

Creative designs further distinguish brands and influence consumer-buying decisions. Decoration capabilities include advanced lithography and decorating arrays, including top-to-bottom and full wraparound graphics in up to eight colors, metallics and neons. Specialty surface treatments, textures, embossing and debossing effects elevate overall appearance while building consumer appeal.

When it comes to functionality and performance, brands appreciate that potentially hazardous materials or chemicals in products are safely housed in these durable containers; consumers like that the packaging is lightweight, convenient and cost-efficient. In addition, the endless recyclability of these 100% virgin aluminum containers is a win-win for environmentally conscious brands and consumers alike.

CCL Container offers unsurpassed experience, expertise, resources and capabilities for developing and manufacturing large aluminum containers for many industries. For more information, visit,