One of the worst-kept marketing secrets? Packaging. It’s one of the most powerful weapons in fending off the competition, especially these days as post-pandemic sales of personal care products and cosmetics take off. According to a recent report by Statista, the revenue of the U.S. personal care and cosmetic industry reached 49.3 billion U.S. dollars in 2022. More recently, Mordor Intelligence forecast that the Global Personal Care Products and Beauty market will top 496.63 billion U.S. dollars in 2023*.

That points to two things. First, great opportunities for current and future growth exist, and second, the battle to win your share of the market is only going to get tougher, especially if you are a premium brand.

One way to super-charge your brand positioning and quality perception among consumers is with aluminum packaging. It is the most visible and tangible way to create brand superiority and preference with your target customers. The creative possibilities are endless, and the sustainability advantages are unsurpassed.

New product categories can especially benefit from the advantages of aluminum packaging. Then there are categories that have quietly existed for a while but are now beginning to rapidly grow in popularity with consumers.

So, where do the opportunities exist?

Here are a few new and expanding personal care product sectors we’ve been observing –from a packaging perspective – that either currently are or are becoming highly competitive. If your product is in one of them, you’re always looking for a competitive edge. That’s where your container, and especially an aluminum one, can create a huge advantage.

CBD PRODUCTS – A new generation of CBD (cannabidiol) products is on the rise. This new “superhero” ingredient in personal care and beauty products offers anti-oxidizing, oil-balancing, anti-inflammatory, and soothing properties.

“DOWN THERE” CARE FOR MEN – There’s been a surge over the last few years of men’s grooming companies. Now, there are sprays, lotions, and roll-ons available that are easy to apply and formulations that actually work.

DRY SHAMPOOS–Although commercially produced dry shampoo has been available for more than seventy-five years, a return to pre-pandemic active lifestyles, improved product formulations, and ease of use are fueling the growth of this product category.

CANDLES – Another legacy category, it has experienced renewed growth as cultural norms have evolved. Part of the wellness segment of the personal care category, candles offer an aromatherapy that reduces stress and induces calm.

The fact is that no matter where your brand sits in the personal care universe of products, it can benefit from a packaging revitalization. As I stated earlier, and as these examples demonstrate, the decorating and shaping of aluminum containers are limited only by your imagination.

Factor in its inherently up-market qualities that distinguish it from other packaging materials and the unique physical properties it provides, launching new brands, introducing existing brands into new markets, and re-energize mature brands can lead to new levels of success.

Optimize the competitive marketing power of your packaging. Let’s talk about the ideal size, shape, decorating, and lining options for your personal care product’s aluminum container, contact us today!