Since its introduction more than a century ago, mouthwash remains a popular personal hygiene product. Today, many brands compete for market share ­­– and retail shelf space. Although products can vary significantly in size, formula and features, there remains little variety among packaging. Many products look identical, utilizing industry-standard plastic bottles and blue/green colors, making it difficult for consumers to distinguish one brand from another.

Sleek aluminum packaging is revolutionizing this category, offering consumers aesthetically appealing containers that stand out. CCL Container provides many design options for mouthwash brands – including specialty shapes and custom decorating featuring rich, vivid colors and surface textures and finishes. The result is attractive aluminum containers that can be left out and displayed on countertops.

In addition to visual appeal, aluminum offers several other key benefits. It is durable, lightweight and 100 percent recyclable. And unlike some plastics, aluminum has unsurpassed barrier properties, preventing products from oxidizing or diluting over time. This significantly extends shelf life and sustainability, both major draws for today’s eco-friendly and style-conscious consumers.

Among the market leaders already utilizing this unique packaging is Colgate. The brand’s “forever recyclable aluminum bottle” is so successful that Colgate is preparing to introduce similar aluminum packaging within its global markets.

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