Whether vehicles are gassed up or plugged in, there are more of them than ever on the road. That means a great deal of opportunity for brand owners whose products support a vehicle’s operation and aesthetics. The market for automotive maintenance and car care products continues to accelerate both globally and across the United States. In 2021 alone, the market was valued at $10.2 billion and is forecast to expand at a growth rate of 3.6% annually through the end of the decade.

The category growth of these products can be attributed to several factors, none more influential than vehicle price. According to Kelley Blue Book, the average sticker price of a new car is more than $47,500. Given that type of financial commitment, owners are devoting both considerable time and money to protecting the value and performance of their “rides.”

Passenger cars, SUVs, and trucks require specialty products to maintain their appearance and performance for the long haul, which is, in turn, favoring industry growth of these product categories in the US and Mexico as well as overseas, in particular, the Asia Pacific region.

In 2021, the largest revenue share – more than 30.0% – was in the car cleaning product segment thanks to its widespread use in removing dirt, dust, grease, oil stains, and road salt. This car wash, shampoo, and detergent segment is a popular category as it helps in safely removing these contaminants from the vehicle body.

Given the upswing in the importance of aesthetics in automobiles, especially privately-owned vehicles, and their high prices as previously mentioned, this trend is expected to continue over the next five years as consumers hold onto their cars longer and do more to protect and preserve them. Products for vehicle exteriors like cleaners, waxes, polishes, sealants, and tire dressings are expected to see growth opportunities spurred in part by the emergence of new chemical technologies and innovations in car-care product development like ceramic and nano coatings. Their use was previously limited by high-cost and professional-only applications. However, post-pandemic and with an increase in brand competition, they have begun to enter the DIY market at more affordable price points.

Inside today’s vehicles, care is of primary importance as well. There is a growing range of products that can be utilized for cleaning the interiors of a car, including dashboard cleaner, leather detergent, upholstery and carpet cleaner, fabric freshener, dashboard polish, and leather preservative. Wheel & tire care products have also experienced market growth with expansion in many product lines. The proliferation of alloy, chrome, aluminum, and clear-coated wheels means different product chemistries for polishes and cleaners so they can be used without spotting or harming a wheel’s finish.

With fierce competition for the car owner’s dollar, brand awareness and distinction among the entire spectrum of car care products has never been more critical. Whether in-store or online, brand packaging remains one of the most effective tools in influencing purchase intent and brand preference. And since vehicle aesthetics play such an important role in vehicle ownership, it stands to reason that products intended to protect and enhance an auto’s appearance should reflect those same visual qualities in their packaging.

Enter aluminum. As a packaging material, aluminum is an inherently upscale tool for brand building and driving consumer choice. Aluminum packaging has long been and remains the container of choice for consumers who respond to innovative form and reliable functionality. CCL Container offers exceptional shaping and amazing decorating solutions that bring high-quality auto care brands to life on store shelves and online. In every instance, aluminum packaging offers the looks and style to elevate products and brands far beyond the competition.

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