Dirty Labs, a cleaning innovations lab that creates hyper-efficient, nontoxic, biodegradable cleaners, was recently awarded a Safer Choice Partner of the Year Award by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for its focus on safer chemical ingredients and packaging sustainability. Winners were recognized for their achievements in design, manufacture, selection, and use of products with safer chemicals that support exceptional or innovative waste and pollution prevention.

Recognized as an outstanding Safer Choice Formulator-Product Manufacturer, Dirty Labs is known for its biobased approach to cleaning that’s rooted in science and aligned with nature. The EPA Safer Choice partner is the brainchild behind a new cleaning technology that removes excess water for an 11-times more concentrated liquid that is five times smaller and lighter than standard laundry detergents.

With a commitment to using 100 percent recyclable materials to support renewable manufacturing practices, Dirty Labs partnered with CCL to create aluminum bottles for its laundry detergent and help them transition from plastic caps to recycled aluminum caps. The smaller product size translates to less fuel and fewer trucks required for transport, while the aluminum packaging uses less energy to recycle—all of which result in lower greenhouse gas emissions and reduces other damaging impacts on climate change.

At CCL, we’re proud of the role we continue to play in supporting global environmental sustainability using recyclable aluminum material that requires 5% of the energy compared to the less energy-efficient aluminum materials traditionally used. By producing strong, durable, flexible, impermeable, lightweight, and corrosion-resistant aluminum that can be recycled and reused again and again at a fraction of the initial production costs—without losing any of its characteristics or quality—CCL continues to meet the needs of manufacturers, end-users, and environmental groups alike.

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