We are excited to announce that CCL Container is this year’s winner of the World Aluminum Aerosol Can Award in the Prototype category. Selected for two aluminum cans, ‘Save the Earth’ and ‘The Matrix’—both intended for self-marketing—we earned this award for our innovative use of a unique, novel spot-varnish ink printing technology that produces an ultra-modern-looking product that stands out on the shelves.

The ground-breaking printing technique integrates varnish into the printing ink as an additive, as opposed to the more traditional varnish that’s used as a protective coating. This printing process creates a striking contrast between matt and glossy areas for a highly sophisticated finished product. As a result, customers benefit from an eye-catching aluminum can at the point of sale with a sleek design that garners consumer attention at first sight.

Created in partnership with Sun Chemical, the attractive cans were developed in response to customer interest for new ways to design aluminum cans. Beyond creating a fascinating visual appeal, the new printing technique also helps to protect the cans from scratches, chips, abrasions, and other signs of wear.

Held by the International Organization of Aluminum Aerosol Container Manufacturers (AEROBAL), this year’s competition was judged by a panel of nine journalists from globally recognized industry magazines. Winners were selected for breaking new ground in the areas of sustainability, design, printing, and marketing.

As a world leader in aluminum aerosol can and aluminum bottle manufacturing, CCL Container is thrilled to be recognized for our continued innovation. The coveted designation is a testament to our ongoing commitment to meeting customers’ needs with cost-effective solutions that leverage the most advanced processing systems in the industry today.

For more information about our award-winning designs or to learn more about how CCL can help you put out products that stand out from the competition, contact us here.