Zevo, a leading provider of revolutionary insect control products, is known for creating safe and effective solutions that use science, nature, and bugs’ own evolution to defeat the highly intelligent enemy. When the company turned to CCL to help them create a can design that accurately embodied the brand, the CCL team rose to the occasion, applied creative ingenuity, and surpassed all expectations.

Zevo Instant Action Insect Killer is made from naturally occurring compounds found in a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, and spices. Inspired by plants’ natural defenses against bugs, the ingredients in Zevo Instant Action Sprays target the nervous receptors that are only active in insects. The resulting formula works extraordinarily well on the crawling, flying, and stinging community of insects without relying on harsh chemicals that pose a risk to humans and pets.

This unique offering warranted a unique can design that evokes confidence, reliability, and trust. CCL, a premier spray can manufacturer, produced a custom design that features the brand’s intricate bug pattern displayed as a vignette across the top of the can, sophisticatedly positioned behind the logo. Though the production proved somewhat tricky, the CCL team took an innovative approach to address each challenge as they arose for an elegant end-product that met the customer’s needs and, today, stands out on the shelves.

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