An estimated 70 million plastic bottles are consumed daily in the United States, with only a small percentage ever recycled. When Pathwater launched in 2015, the company wanted to do things a little differently from the rest of the bottled water industry: eliminate single-use plastic bottles.

Seeking a sustainable solution with high-end customer appeal, the California-based company turned to CCL Container to design its 100 percent recyclable aluminum bottled waters. Because the refillable bottles are functional and attractive, customers are encouraged to reuse each bottle infinitely. The sleek and lightweight containers are featured across all of Pathwater’s still, carbonated and alkaline water product lines.

The containers are easy to carry, featuring a wide-mouth opening with resealable cap for on-the-go consumption. Aluminum bottles are rustproof, water-resistant and keep beverages colder for much longer than plastic, making them ideal for venues, sporting events and other outdoor activities. Virgin aluminum ensures that the bottles are highly recyclable.

Although product demand is driven by sustainability and functionality, consumers also want containers that look great. CCL and Pathwater deliver, creating distinctive designs with a premium look and feel. Attractive top-to-bottom color graphics are printed directly onto the containers – an inline process that eliminates additional production steps while lowering overall carbon footprint.

This eco-friendly approach appeals to Pathwater’s customers as well as other sustainable brands. As part of Pathwater’s Co-Branded Bottle Program, CCL works with Pathwater to customize aluminum bottled water containers for environmentally conscious brands such as 1 Hotels, Napa Farms Market and Re/Done. Recently, CCL partnered with Pathwater to launch several specialty bottles, including limited-edition Earth Day and Made in the USA designs. Proceeds benefit several environmental and charitable nonprofits that are visually represented as part of the bottles’ unique graphic designs.

With more custom designs and co-branded containers in production, CCL is proud to support Pathwater as they lead the charge in creating sustainable bottled water products that are good for the planet.

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