Aluminum Beverage Bottles

CCL Container takes beverage packaging to a whole new level with a full range of aluminum bottles for the beverage industry. Chill-retention, re-sealability, recyclability and durability – plus a wide range of shaping and decorating options including brushed finishes – are just a few of the reasons why beverage marketers consider CCL Container the leading aluminum bottle manufacturer and package their best brands in CCL’s aluminum bottlecan.

Then there’s the “cool factor” of a totally different packaging option, one that commands immediate attention at the point-of-sale. From energy drinks to on-premise cocktails, premium liquors, wines, beers and more, our aluminum bottlecan gives marketers a high-performance container option that delivers unique, top-quality appeal.

Aluminum has always provided the means for new brands to break into old markets. But now it has become the means for mature brands to revitalize their image and appeal to the younger consumer, especially in the beverage industry.


With aluminum bottles offering so much opportunity for brand distinction, the race is on here and abroad to see who will make the most innovative use of size, shape, graphics, and even closure options. The emergence of new categories like energy drinks and specialty health drinks has many companies using the aluminum bottle as a medium for brand distinction.