Dirty Labs does not just sell eco-friendly laundry detergent; the brand incorporates sustainable practices into all aspects of its product development, manufacturing, and production, right down to the packaging itself.

With an estimated 40 billion laundry loads washed every year in the U.S., the environmental impact of detergents is staggering. Traditional formulas contain petrochemicals and other harsh synthetics that end up in the water supply. Hot water, which expends more energy than cold, is often required to get clothes clean. Meanwhile, many detergents list water as a main ingredient, and are sold in oversized plastic containers that often are not recycled.

Dirty Labs has found solutions to all these concerns, creating a safe and biodegradable formula that relies on enzymes and other natural ingredients to break down stains. The ultra-concentrated detergent contains no added water, with just two teaspoons needed for a standard load. Best of all? The detergent works with cold water, significantly slashing energy use.

The brand’s efficient and infinitely recyclable packaging also benefits the environment in measurable ways. Dirty Labs recently tapped CCL Container to design its 20-fluid ounce, recyclable aluminum bottle. The bottle accommodates a fully recyclable plastic cap (many laundry caps cannot be recycled and end up in landfills).

CCL Container’s bottle for Dirty Labs is lightweight and durable, making it suitable for online shipping orders as well as brick-and-mortar retailers. Attractive and non-traditional packaging helps the new brand differentiate in the increasingly crowded household products space. To help prevent costly spills and waste, CCL created a grip able shape with a smooth texture that makes the bottles easy to handle. The decorating features streamlined graphics that symbolize the company’s simple cleaning approach. Together, CCL Container and Dirty Labs are meeting consumer demand for products that are sustainable in every possible way.

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