STP Evolves its Brand – and Packaging – to Stay Ahead of the Pack

Fuel Additive Aluminum Bottle Manufacturer - CCL Container

For STP, what began in 1954 as an abbreviation for Scientifically Treated Petroleum now stands for something else: Speed, Technology and Performance. Originally a highly regarded motor oil company serving the racing industry, STP has grown into the world’s leading brand of automotive aftermarket products geared toward improving and extending vehicle performance.

Among the company’s premier products is STP Ceramic, an advanced oil additive that increases lubrication between an engine’s metal parts, protecting against costly repairs.

STP needed an efficient, high-end packaging that matched its reputation while distinguishing the product from competitors at the point of sale. CCL Container delivered, designing an attractive, 100 percent recyclable aluminum bottle. The large diameter, 15-ounce container safely houses the product; a threaded lug sleeve ensures that the bottle’s lock-and-twist screw top closure securely seals. For consumers, aluminum’s lightweight and durable qualities make it easy to transport and store. CCL’s oil and fuel additive aluminum bottles are also water-resistant and rustproof, a plus for those who prefer to keep these products on hand for quick or on-the-road use.

CCL Container’s distinguishing design options for the automotive and industrial markets include advanced lithography and decorating arrays such as top-to-bottom and full wraparound graphics in up to eight colors, metallics and neons. Specialty surface treatments, textures and embossing capabilities also give brands a competitive edge. In this case, CCL’s concept featured rich graphics true to the brand’s racing and automotive legacy. The iconic red and white STP logo is prominently displayed, set against a shiny, two-toned metallic blue background that commands consumer attention. Look closely, and you will see that the design is further enhanced with subtle etchings of molecular models, representing STP’s commitment to technology and science. With its sleek design, CCL’s high-quality aluminum container is helping STP continue to lead the way in the automotive aftermarket products space.

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CCL Container and Pathwater Partner to Eliminate Single-Use Plastic Water Bottles

Pathwater 100% Recyclable Aluminum Bottled Water Containers by CCL Container

Recyclable Aluminum Bottled Water Provides Eco-Friendly Solution for Brands and Consumers

(Hermitage, PA – July 2021) CCL Container, North America’s leading manufacturer of recyclable aluminum packaging, has announced that it is partnering with sustainable bottled water company Pathwater, to manufacture its 100% recyclable aluminum bottled water containers.

Traditionally, plastic has been the primary container used in the bottled water market, with an estimated 70 million bottles consumed daily in the United States. A significant problem is that most plastic bottles are simply thrown away, ending up in landfills, incinerators or polluting the environment rather than being properly recycled.

CCL is helping Pathwater, whose mission is to end single-use plastic bottles, change this concerning trajectory, offering an eco-friendly solution, with high-end consumer appeal. “We are proud to partner with Pathwater in creating a truly sustainable container for the bottled water market,” says Kimberly Kizer, Vice President of Sales for CCL Container. “Our refillable aluminum bottles are functional and attractive, encouraging customers to reuse each bottle infinitely. And we use virgin aluminum, the bottles are highly recyclable whenever the consumer is ready to dispose of it.”

The sleek and lightweight containers, which typically hold 20.3 fluid ounces, are featured across multiple product lines, including Pathwater’s premium still, carbonated, and alkaline water varieties. As part of Pathwater’s co-branded Bottle Program, CCL also is working with the California-based company to design custom aluminum bottled water containers for environmentally conscious brands such as 1 Hotels, Napa Farms Market, and Re/Done.

Consumer demand for these eco-friendly products is driven by convenience and functionality. Measuring 66 mm in diameter and 260 mm high, the lightweight bottles are easy to carry and feature a wide-mouth opening with resealable cap for on-the-go consumption. Aluminum bottles also keep beverages colder for much longer than their plastic counterparts. Notes Kizer, “This makes aluminum beverage bottles an ideal solution for venues, sporting events, and other outdoor activities. CCL containers are rustproof and water-resistant, consumers can continue to use them for a long time before recycling.”

With a broad spectrum of custom body shaping and decorating options, CCL aluminum containers feature a high-end look and feel that far exceeds that of single-use plastic water bottles. Brands work with CCL’s in-house advanced lithography department to create distinctive designs that raise consumer appeal at point-of-sale. Pathwater’s bottles and co-branded products feature attractive, top-to-bottom graphics printed directly onto the aluminum. This inline process eliminates the need to add traditional pressure-seal labels, reducing the number of steps involved in production, while lowering carbon footprint. “This is just one more way that we support Pathwater’s efforts to lead the charge in creating sustainable products for environmentally conscious brands and their customers,” Kizer says.

The aluminum bottled water container has been so well received that CCL has partnered with Pathwater to launch several specialty bottles, including limited-edition Earth Day and Made in the USA bottle packs. Proceeds from these sales benefit several environmental and charitable nonprofit organizations that are visually represented as part of the bottles’ unique graphic designs.

About Pathwater

As the first 100 percent reusable, recyclable bottled water in a sturdy aluminum bottle, Pathwater is leading the charge in sustainability. Lightweight, infinitely refillable, and affordable, this mission-driven brand is providing a sustainable solution to the single-use plastic water bottle crisis plaguing our planet. Pathwater is available in 9- and 18-bottle packs in still, carbonated, and alkaline varieties. Through its co-branded bottle program, Pathwater partners with like-minded organizations and brands to create custom aluminum bottled waters. Pathwater is available at, Amazon and select retailers nationwide. For more information, visit

Wine Bottle Makeover: How Stylish, On-the-Go Aluminum is Transforming the Premium Beverage Market

When Bigsby’s Folly opened for business in 2017, the Denver winery immediately noticed a consumer trend: wine was growing in popularity among younger, active adults. This new generation seemed to prefer sipping their favorite wines in a variety of more casual, laid back environments and friendly get-togethers.

This demographic shift prompted the company to rethink its packaging in 2019. Recognizing that many wine lovers would welcome an alternative that supported an on-the-go, outdoorsy lifestyle, the company turned to CCL Container to launch the industry’s first line of lightweight aluminum wine bottles.

CCL Container created a custom shape to emulate the look and feel of a traditional wine bottle, adding several benefits and conveniences. The unbreakable, slightly smaller 500 ml size makes these bottles ideal for toting to picnics, scenic hikes, or outdoor concerts. A lock-and-twist screw top closure allows the wine to be resealed rather than wasted. Aluminum also maintains temperature, keeping chilled beverages colder for longer than glass or plastic containers. And like all of CCL’s 100% virgin aluminum containers, Bigsby’s Folly wine bottles are fully recyclable – a major draw for eco-conscious consumers.

As part of the launch, CCL Container wanted to create a fun, wraparound graphic design to reflect the winery’s laid-back, more casual vibe. Light pink, deep purple and pale-yellow tones represent each wine: Rosé, Cabernet Sauvignon and Sauvignon Blanc. All varieties were decorated to include the company’s playful Bigsby logo (Bigsby is the owners’ golden retriever) as the prominent image, while a stylized mountain is a scenic nod to the winery’s Colorado roots.

As more wine and premium beverage companies explore aluminum packaging alternatives, CCL Container and Bigsby’s Folly remain proud to have pioneered a solution that reflects the lifestyle preferences of today’s wine lovers.

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Large-Diameter Aluminum Containers Offer Brands Supersized Advantages and Opportunities


Large Diameter Hero Image

Consumer buying decisions are based on many factors; among these are product quality, convenience, cost and sustainability. With so many brands and products available in certain markets, many companies struggle to gain ­– or simply maintain – market share.

CCL Container is helping brands in several industries succeed in this challenging environment by offering exclusive, supersized packaging that many consumers want. Among the markets CCL Container serves in this capacity are automotive, home and garden, industrial and personal care.  Measuring up to 76 mm in diameter by 265 mm in height, CCL’s large-diameter aluminum containers are the only ones of this size produced in North America. This large size, coupled with stunning shaping and decorating options, ensures that all products – whether ­an automotive fuel additive, insect repellent or hairspray – make a big impression on consumers at the point of sale.

Creative designs further distinguish brands and influence consumer-buying decisions. Decoration capabilities include advanced lithography and decorating arrays, including top-to-bottom and full wraparound graphics in up to eight colors, metallics and neons. Specialty surface treatments, textures, embossing and debossing effects elevate overall appearance while building consumer appeal.

When it comes to functionality and performance, brands appreciate that potentially hazardous materials or chemicals in products are safely housed in these durable containers; consumers like that the packaging is lightweight, convenient and cost-efficient. In addition, the endless recyclability of these 100% virgin aluminum containers is a win-win for environmentally conscious brands and consumers alike.

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Keeping It Clean: CCL’s Aluminum Containers Help Hand Sanitizer Brands Expand to Combat the Current Pandemic

Hand Sanitizer Packaging Manufacturer - CCL Container

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, it should come as no surprise that the hand sanitizer market has skyrocketed. Hand sanitizers and complete sanitization stations can now be found far beyond their traditional use in medical and healthcare locations to more typical, everyday places – from large venues, schools, and houses of worship to small businesses and restaurants. The sales of personal hand sanitizers have also surged as consumers seek solutions well within reach to keep themselves safe.

With so many new products entering this highly commoditized market, hand sanitizer brands are aggressively exploring strategies to differentiate themselves at the point of sale. One solution to this challenge is CCL Container’s aluminum aerosol container, which safely houses these anti-bacterial formulas in style, offering distinctive shaping and decorating options.

Available in sizes ranging from 2 to 28 ounces, these containers can be designed to accommodate both spray and foam applications. For foaming formulas, CCL’s aerosol systems ensure that products maintain a rich texture, offering a clean and controlled dispense that eliminates waste. In many cases, custom specialty shapes allow the product container to fit into larger, touchless sanitization stations used for hands-free public use. CCL’s aerosol package forms are FDA compliant and formulation compatible, providing extended shelf life. Consumers are drawn to the high-end look and feel of aluminum containers, which are also highly recyclable and environmentally responsible. Some brands, including Paya, have leveraged aluminum’s lightweight durability to successfully sell – and ship – products in bulk through Amazon and other popular online retailers. These bulk shipping savings also benefit hand sanitizer brands that directly serve the medical industry.

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Vitani® Delivers Professional-Grade Cocktail Experience in Bottles by CCL Container.



The Vitani® cocktail line was developed by Eric and Jackie Gichner when they noticed a gap in the premium beverage landscape. When frequenting their favorite bars and restaurants, Jackie’s go-to cocktail has always been a Dirty Martini. She rarely drank them at home, because she could never quite recreate that professional-grade taste or experience. After searching for at-home options, Eric and Jackie realized that nothing on the market existed for the true martini aficionado.

The Vitani line of premium cocktails was born and now includes four varieties: Dirty Martini, Elderpear Martini, Cosmo Martini, and the Vitani Mule. All are marketed in aluminum beverage bottles produced by CCL Container. Minimal graphics are used to fully depict the richness of the brushed aluminum surfaces, which lends to the upscale quality of the line. The sleek bullet-shaped containers are 53mm diameter and 155mm tall, holding 200ml, perfect for the standard-sized martini glass.

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Silvadore Wine Essentials Introduces a New Twist on Wine Preservation in Aerosols by CCL Container

Sklvador Wine Image


Wine enthusiasts can save time, save money, and pour the wines they want when they want, without the worry of wasted product thanks to Silvadore Wine Essentials. Silvadore Wine Preserver is a unique aerosol-based wine preserver that simplifies the process of keeping wine fresh after opening. The product uses Argon gas as the preservation agent. By dispensing two sprays from the press-top actuator into the open wine bottle, the Argon gas sits on top of the remaining wine and functions as a barrier from oxygen. Argon gas is completely safe, and the remaining wine can be later consumed with original freshness for up to two weeks upon initial uncorking. The product represents a more convenient and cost-effective alternative to many of the wine preservation systems that often involve costly, bulky components.

The product is marketed in a contoured brushed aluminum aerosol produced by CCL Container, and holds .3 oz of Argon gas, enough for approximately 50 uses. The contoured neck allows for improved handling of the product, and the transportable aluminum construction makes this a great product for wine lovers on the go or in the great outdoors.

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The Sandy Bottom® Cocktail Drink “Keeps Summer Alive” in Aluminum Bottles

Sandy Bottom Bottles Image


The inspiration for Sandy Bottom® Sparkling Rum Cocktails may be found along the Chesapeake Bay on a warm summer afternoon. Maryland-based entrepreneur and founder, Sandy Mezza, enjoyed serving a particular fizzy cocktail to friends that featured a coconut rum flavor. Her signature drink became so popular that she was encouraged to offer it to a broader audience. Sandy Bottom was born.

As the product grew in popularity, Sandy elected to reintroduce the brand in an aluminum beverage bottle manufactured by CCL Container. The bottle features a lug sleeve and re-closeable red cap, stands 155mm high and is 53mm in diameter, holding approximately 6.7 ounces, perfect for a single serve.

Sandy markets the product as an ideal alternative to beer and wine for boating, camping and other outdoor activities and celebrations. The rust-proof aluminum package is both lightweight and rugged, perfect for outdoor enjoyment. A 100% recyclable container, Sandy is also very proud of the fact that the bottle, ingredients, and components are also 100% made in the U.S.A., also subtly indicated by package graphics that use a clever-yet-simple negative space design in red, white, and blue.

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Crafthouse ‘Taps’ CCL Container to Introduce Single-Serve Option for it’s Award-Winning Cocktail Collection


Crafthouse Bottles

Featured in Forbes, People, Vogue, and more recently the Today Show, the award-winning Crafthouse brand delivers the quality of consumers’ favorite “from-scratch” cocktails using all-natural ingredients and high quality small-batch craft spirits. Initially packaged in a multi-serve glass bottle with a swing-top stopper for a closure, Crafthouse is extending its consumer reach with the introduction of a single serve variety marketed in aluminum beverage bottles produced by CCL Container. The 45mm diameter, 157mm high seamless aluminum beverage bottles hold approximately 6.75 ounces. The seven-product lineup uses differentiating colors against a white backdrop to distinguish each of the creative cocktail offerings.


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Cannabis-based Beverage Seeks to Stand Out with Unique Aluminum Bottle Design by CCL Container

Cannabis Beverage Packaging - CCL Container

Projected to be one of the fastest-growing sub-segments of this dynamic industry, cannabis-based beverages are expected to grow by 19% over the next several years. Cormorant Brands seeks to stand out in what will likely become a crowded field with a line of cannabis tonics coming to market in uniquely contoured seamless aluminum beverage bottles manufactured by CCL Container. The cannabis drink containers are 53mm in diameter and 155mm high and feature a lug sleeve cap for reseal-ability, plus a gradually tapered shoulder for a highly distinctive and stylized silhouette. Currently available in Blue Tonic and Cherry Lime in 10 or 100 mg THC, additional flavors in the works include: Grapefruit, Cranberry, Bitter Lemon and Ginger Lime.

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