Vitani® Delivers Professional-Grade Cocktail Experience in Bottles by CCL Container.



The Vitani® cocktail line was developed by Eric and Jackie Gichner when they noticed a gap in the premium beverage landscape. When frequenting their favorite bars and restaurants, Jackie’s go-to cocktail has always been a Dirty Martini. She rarely drank them at home, because she could never quite recreate that professional-grade taste or experience. After searching for at-home options, Eric and Jackie realized that nothing on the market existed for the true martini aficionado.

The Vitani line of premium cocktails was born and now includes four varieties: Dirty Martini, Elderpear Martini, Cosmo Martini, and the Vitani Mule. All are marketed in aluminum beverage bottles produced by CCL Container. Minimal graphics are used to fully depict the richness of the brushed aluminum surfaces, which lends to the upscale quality of the line. The sleek bullet-shaped containers are 53mm diameter and 155mm tall, holding 200ml, perfect for the standard-sized martini glass.

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Silvadore Wine Essentials Introduces a New Twist on Wine Preservation in Aerosols by CCL Container

Sklvador Wine Image


Wine enthusiasts can save time, save money, and pour the wines they want when they want, without the worry of wasted product thanks to Silvadore Wine Essentials. Silvadore Wine Preserver is a unique aerosol-based wine preserver that simplifies the process of keeping wine fresh after opening. The product uses Argon gas as the preservation agent. By dispensing two sprays from the press-top actuator into the open wine bottle, the Argon gas sits on top of the remaining wine and functions as a barrier from oxygen. Argon gas is completely safe, and the remaining wine can be later consumed with original freshness for up to two weeks upon initial uncorking. The product represents a more convenient and cost-effective alternative to many of the wine preservation systems that often involve costly, bulky components.

The product is marketed in a contoured brushed aluminum aerosol produced by CCL Container, and holds .3 oz of Argon gas, enough for approximately 50 uses. The contoured neck allows for improved handling of the product, and the transportable aluminum construction makes this a great product for wine lovers on the go or in the great outdoors.

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The Sandy Bottom® Cocktail Drink “Keeps Summer Alive” in Aluminum Bottles

Sandy Bottom Bottles Image


The inspiration for Sandy Bottom® Sparkling Rum Cocktails may be found along the Chesapeake Bay on a warm summer afternoon. Maryland-based entrepreneur and founder, Sandy Mezza, enjoyed serving a particular fizzy cocktail to friends that featured a coconut rum flavor. Her signature drink became so popular that she was encouraged to offer it to a broader audience. Sandy Bottom was born.

As the product grew in popularity, Sandy elected to reintroduce the brand in an aluminum beverage bottle manufactured by CCL Container. The bottle features a lug sleeve and re-closeable red cap, stands 155mm high and is 53mm in diameter, holding approximately 6.7 ounces, perfect for a single serve.

Sandy markets the product as an ideal alternative to beer and wine for boating, camping and other outdoor activities and celebrations. The rust-proof aluminum package is both lightweight and rugged, perfect for outdoor enjoyment. A 100% recyclable container, Sandy is also very proud of the fact that the bottle, ingredients, and components are also 100% made in the U.S.A., also subtly indicated by package graphics that use a clever-yet-simple negative space design in red, white, and blue.

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